This website has been set up to commemorate Wick van der Vaart.

Read more about the memorial service on Thursday, October 19th at 6pm or add your condolences to the condolences page.


Memories of Wick

People who knew Wick know that he was always working on inclusion in all of his activities. For example, he created an open atmosphere within his training groups, so that differences within the group could be appreciated. Part of his work took place within organizations. Something that always formed part of his planning is bringing …

Memorial service

Wick van der Vaart

founder Instituut voor Interventiekunde
March 6, 1962 – October 15, 2017

Nathalie van der Vaart-van de Loo and the Instituut voor Interventiekunde invite you to Wick’s memorial service on Thursday, 19 October at 6 pm at the Instituut voor Interventiekunde, WG-plein 255 in Amsterdam.

You will have the opportunity to give Wick your final greetings and say goodbye until 8 pm. Wick’s funeral will be attended by family only. You can leave messages on the condolences page.

No flowers, please, but a gift to the UMC Utrecht Department of Neuro-oncology would greatly appreciated. There will be a collection box for donations at the memorial service on Thursday.

You can also transfer your donation to the bankaccount of W. van der Vaart, NL15INGB0001777178 under reference “donation”.


On August 21st I spoke to Wick over the phone. He indicated during our conversation that he would appreciate it if I would make a film portrait of him in my usual style – b/w, focus on the eyes as the mirrors of our soul, and from the perspective that the other allows me to be witness of his/her thoughts, emotions etc. As such I sat at his bedsite on September 12th and learned what is really important to him and how he experienced what has happened, with all the pain, the sadness, how relative things are and also all the love he experienced. It was special to witness his words as a friend and to distill from the conversation a portrait of nearly 6 minutes. A portrait in which I have tried to capture the essence of what Wick was sharing. A challenging task, also because of the technical complexities – hospitals are not ideal as film locations – however I believe the end result shows Wick as the man who clearly, also in this situation, is an ‘Iron Man’!

Joep C. de Jong